Yay America!

For those of you who weren’t too lazy to get your ass out of bed Tuesday morning and witness history (and for those of you who hit snooze–for shame), you saw America’s first African-American president get sworn into office (he had a little trouble, but eventually he got it done). But witnessing this historic inauguration led us to ask, “Has American politics become a joke?”

A ginormous crowd gathered around Sproul Plaza at around 7:30 a. m. to watch history unfold on the big screen, the biggest crowd we’ve seen since … the day Obama won the election. As each political personality walked through the golden double doors and strutted down the red (and blue) carpet, it kinda felt like we were watching royalty make their way into some kind of fairy tale ball.

In a very Cinderella-esque moment, Michelle Obama was transformed not from peasant to princess but from lady to first lady as we all ooh-ed and ah-ed at her yellow-gold dress and coat ensemble, which was kind of verging on inaugural upholstery (or something Queen Elizabeth II might wear).

But the inauguration quickly turned from fairy tale to low-brow comic spectacle when President Bush walked out on stage and became the jester of the event, the crowd bursting into laughter each time the camera cut to him (when he flew away in his helicopter at the end we were sure people were going to start throwing tomatoes at the screen).

Obama, America’s beloved, solemn superhero (we’re pretty sure he was hiding his Captain America spandex under that deceptive navy suit) could do no wrong: met with heroic cheer each time his name was mentioned as he swooped in to save America from the evil clutches of the Bush administration. And Cheney, sinister puppet-master and typical wheel chair-bound super villain, was booed each time he was shown (did anyone else see the Lebowski resemblance?).

We were almost disappointed that Sarah Palin didn’t show up in a leather cat suit, throw off her glasses, undo her bun and use her whip to snatch the inauguration Bible from under Obama’s hand. Or at least Hillary could have offered him a poison apple. But, then again, we’re not exactly complaining.

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Image source: RedRaspus under Creative Commons


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