1052303586_35b448ca19Hug a Journalist Day may have just passed, but we know a few journos who could really use a warm embrace. The Daily Planet‘s been reporting about their impending demise for a while, but this is the first time we’ve heard that the Bay Area’s largest and oldest newspaper may the next victim in the Invasion of the Newspaper Snatchers.

The Hearst Corporation, which owns the Chronicle–along with 15 other daily and 49 weekly newspapers–says the Chron lost over $50 million in 2008. The newspaper has suffered “major losses” since 2001, recently raised subscription and single copy fees and plans to make significant cuts to its staff.

Hearst said Tuesday that if the newspaper doesn’t curb losses “quickly,” the company will seek a buyer, and if none comes forward, it will be forced to close. Wow, the Bay Area without the Chron? That’s like LA without purse chihuahuas. So not hot.

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Hearst wants ‘significant’ cuts at Chronicle [SFGate]


Want to learn from the pros? Watch a fashion show? Build up your resume? ASUC will host a professional women’s conference next Sunday. It’s titled “Fierce and Feminine: A Glimpse at the Modern Professional Woman,” and no, that’s not a joke.

There will also be special speakers, but let’s face it, you’re going to go for the resume tips and free food. You’ll have to RSVP on the conference’s blog to get your grub … oh, and your career advice.

When: Sunday, Mar. 8
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: Pauley Ballroom

Image Source: herzogbr under Creative Commons ASUC Women’s Conference [Website] ASUC Professional Women’s Conference [Berkeley NOW]

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

We thought this kind of thing only happened in movies (or TV shows) but apparently we were wrong.

On Sunday, a prisoner in an Athenian jail escaped by helicopter … for the second time. read more »


No matter how fervently Punxsutawney Phil tried to convince us otherwise, the secret’s out: Spring has arrived. And what better way to welcome the beautiful weather than by donning a pair of gardening gloves and shoveling a hearty batch of manure?

Lucky for you there’s Memorial Victory Garden, a student-run project designed to raise awareness about sustainable development and the innumerable benefits of home-grown food. Originally utilized during the world wars as a solution to heavy rationing, victory gardens have seen a revival in recent years as environmental concerns become increasingly urgent. read more »

No flowers for Algernon ... or anyone else. Finally, some brave corporation is taking the initiative to combat Berkeley’s appalling shortage of coffee shops and juice bars. Whole Foods, it’s good to know we can count on you to satisfy our left-wingin’-intellectual beverage needs. And in such a primo location—that aromatic little hut at the corner of Ashby and Telegraph avenues—we can’t help but wonder why on earth there wasn’t a coffee/juice bar in that exact spot sooner! Oh, wait.

Whole Foods will be opting not to renew the lease of the little neighborhood florist, Ashby Flowers, in order to make room for their intended business venture.  Now, one could, if one so desired, call attention to just how bitterly perfect an example this is of Big Corporate Bully bullying Little Family-Run Landmark. And, being Berkeley, that is exactly what happened. read more »

So it’s the sixth week of the semester and you’re already skipping those early morning classes—and by “early” we mean 12 p.m. Find yourself hitting the snooze upwards of 10 times (to your roommate’s obvious delight)? Starting to crash again in the afternoon no matter how much coffee you consume? Considered investing in an IV with a caffeine drip?

It may not be sheer laziness, friends. You could have a disease! (There’s a silver lining in there, we promise.) read more »

Or, you know, not. But in either case, the dreaded Undeclared may find it desperately helpful that next week, from Monday to Thursday, “Major Madness” will take place on (presumably Upper) Sproul Plaza’s south end. It’s almost like the university is putting on an academic fire … sale.

According to the Website, attendees can go to … read more »

Ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love ... OR DO THEY?

… for coming up with a brilliant idea. This year marks the fourth annual “Bears Breaking Boundaries” competition aimed at Berkeley students to stave off the inevitable onset of permanent postmodernism. The prize? Anything from $500 to $10,000, and all just for selling your soul. What a bargain! read more »

Yes, it's exactly what you think.We’re all familiar with the situation where one wakes up in the morning to a blinding light shoved arrogantly into one’s face, only to realize it’s 11:40 a.m. and the window’s blinds aren’t closed. And yet we’re always too lazy to get up and close them, so the obvious solution is to stay in bed for 20 minutes until things work themselves out.

Well, fear not fellow nite owls, because glass that can control how much light goes through it may be coming to a store near you … way, way in the future.

Indeed, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are working on glass that can do just that via some sort of “low-voltage electro-chromatic coating” scientastic technobabbular doowackness. read more »

3296179695_f26b9c7decUC Berkeley engineers, assemble! This Friday marks the official dedication of the new headquarters for CITRIS—which, to those less tech-savvy folk, stands for the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society.

Located in the Hearst Memorial Mining Circle, the recently completed building, Sutardja Dai Hall, will be open for tours and exhibits after the 2:30 p.m. ceremony. Pre-registraton is closed, but you can still try to nab a spot if you show up half an hour in advance.

In addition to its partnership at Berkeley, CITRIS currently works with three other UC campuses—Merced, Davis, and Santa Cruz—to address modern global concerns through informational technology solutions. Which may sound like gibberish to some, but hey, if they’re handing out yummy noms, we’re there.

Image Source: Paul A Hernandez, under Creative Commons
Register for the CITRIS Building Dedication [CITRIS]

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