Bu-but I dun wanna live in a box!So we all know that the fate of the suckers in the social sciences is to live in a cardboard box and frequent the local coffee shop, looking glum and gaunt, while nursing a double shot of espresso and philosophizing with a fellow box-dweller about Kierkegaard. But the other day, we heard a joke that cut straight to our feeble academic hearts: Q: “What’s the difference between a Segway and a humanities major?” A: “At least a Segway is useful.”

We’re a little desensitized to the whole buzz-killing, “What are you gonna do when you graduate?” question, and the attack on our future domicile is just absurd (We mean, we’ll be couch surfing or in a nice sleeping bag along the sidewalk, at least), but being compared—topped, rather—by the transportation industry’s equivalent of orthopedic shoes is just too much.

Besides being the butt of numerous jokes and often having our areas of study disregarded as “real subjects” by math and science elitists, humanities majors have another reason to be seen at a cafe looking dejected: budget cuts to the arts departments. Practice of Art course offerings have already seen an almost 10 percent decrease in the past year, there’s been a drop in the number of acting classes and productions each semester, the Consortium for the Arts has disbanded, and after 45 years of students developing their own photos, the Wurster Hall Darkroom will close at the semester’s end.

Looks like the poverty is hitting us even before we graduate. Excuse us while we go write some morbid poetry and play a blues riff on our harmonica. Sigh.

Image Source: yorokobi under Creative Commons
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