Be sure to pick up your copy of the Daily Cal today for a steaming hot pile of sex. That’s right, today marks the sex special issue, this time with a political slant. Just in time for Valentine’s Day so you can get your freak on.

We recommend checking out:

* Good Vibes weathering the economy
* FemSex’s longevity
* how to avoid Bush-isms in the sack
* the nexus of low cash and dating
* green sex toys (Let it be known that we did pen this one ourselves. We are shameless!)

Also related, the Daily Cal has launched a new sex blog in honor of its longest-running and most popular column. Well, that’ll drive the traffic. Man, it’s as if the world is telling you to go out and bone.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
Sex Issue [Daily Cal]
Sex on Tuesday Blog [Daily Cal]


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