No fair!
Remember how a couple weeks ago, we kinda begged you guys to vote for us for Paper Trail’s Best Alternative Media Outlet? Well, that was when we were younger. More innocent. We actually had faith in the democratic process, faith in the integrity of our peers and above all, faith in the inability of small liberal arts schools to produce adequately skilled hackers for bumping up their blogs’ vote totals.  Unfortunately, that faith has been trampled by the harsh realities of competition.  Never again will the Clog be so naive.

“Why,” you ask, “have you become so embittered and mistrusting of humanity, Daily Clog?”  The answer, friends, is simple.  We–along with Alison Go of the Paper Trail, herself–suspect foul poll play from a couple of the leading blogs.  Observe:

“(Middlebury College’s) Middblog has about twice as many votes as it has students. And, according to some interested parties, that number suddenly shot up over the weekend. Suspicious, no?

On the other hand, the Timothy Dwight blog, which is the creative outlet of ONE DORM out of Yale, has a similar number of votes, which is about equal to Yale’s 5,200-person undergraduate student body. I smell something even more fishy.”

Tisk, tisk. Anyway, on the bright side of all of this, the Clog is comforted in the knowledge that we’ve got the support of at least one legit source. Thanks, College Media Matters, for your kindness  in our time(s) of need. For serious, yo.

Oh, and in other (non-)news, the tree-sit is totally winning right now for Nonstory of the Year.  Voting ends tonight, if you haven’t already. Because we don’t condone cheating.  Even though we have Berkeley EECS majors, like, at our beck and call. Maybe. You’ll never know for sure because we’re not cheaters! Annd, we’re done. Whew. We feel much better.

Image Source: crimfants under Creative Commons
Student Media Voter Fraud? [Paper Trail]
“Student Media Voter Fraud?” [College Media Matters

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