So it’s the sixth week of the semester and you’re already skipping those early morning classes—and by “early” we mean 12 p.m. Find yourself hitting the snooze upwards of 10 times (to your roommate’s obvious delight)? Starting to crash again in the afternoon no matter how much coffee you consume? Considered investing in an IV with a caffeine drip?

It may not be sheer laziness, friends. You could have a disease! (There’s a silver lining in there, we promise.)

Scientists at the UC Berkeley Sleep and Psychological Disorders Laboratory have been researching hypersomnia—the sufferers of which find themselves sleeping way, way too much. Psychologist Allison Harvey, who has already earned acclaim for her work on insomnia, recently began a clinic on campus to test cognitive behavioral therapy for hypersomnia, the causes of which are still apparently somewhat of a mystery.

If anything involving “therapy” makes you nervous, though, just remember: there’s always that drip.

Image Source: Hari Bilalic under Creative Commons.
Sleep Lab Studies Hypersomnia, or Sleeping Too Much [Science Today]

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