They may be a rock, but they're not an island.
You know what sucks? The economy. You know what sucks harder? When people with power try to use the economy as an excuse to impinge upon journalistic integrity. And, unfortunately, that’s basically what’s happening right now at the Oregon Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon’s independent student paper.  

Fortunately for our faith in college media, the staff of the Emerald decided to do something about it. Rather than even possibly cede any of their editorial independence to an overpaid  ”publisher” who would have “supervisory control over the student editor,” they went on strike. They’re still on strike, and they’re getting tons of well-deserved attention for it.  

You can follow the strike at Independent Journalism, the striking staff’s blog. The latest and disgusting-est? Apparently the board of directors published an “Oregon Daily Emerald” today that’s produced entirely without student contributors. It is, instead, filled with AP stories and–get this–stolen content from the aforementioned blog. Ugh. (Shudders. Vomits a little in mouth. Shudders again.) 

Well, for what it’s worth, we say “Rock on, Daily Emerald staff! Rock. On.”  The Daily Clog sends our support. 

Independent Journalism [Blog]

Harmony, connectedness, friendship on horizon « Independent Journalism said:
Mar 6, 2009 at 4:23 am

[...] that we’re not alone in this, that student journalists  all over  the country are standing up firmly behind the message we’ve been trying to send is [...]

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