The Daily Cal cleaned up at the California College Media Association and Associated College Press 2008 awards conference last weekend, picking up 33 awards. Ten of those awards were first place finishes. The Daily Cal also swept three categories: headline package, cartoons and sports columns. And you thought the Daily Cal sucked.

Want to see what award-winning material looks like to award people? Here’s the complete list of winners, starting with CCMA results.

* General Excellence, 2nd place
* Online General Excellence, 1st place
* Breaking News Online, 3rd place

Special Issues
* Back to School/Orientation Special Issue, 1st place
* Best Special Section, 2nd place – Election Issue

* Overall Design, 2nd place
* Sports Page Design, 1st place – Annie Shen
* Feature Page Design, 1st place – Samantha Truppi
* Feature Page Design, 2nd place – Bharath Ganesh

* News Feature, 1st place – Kevin Leahy’s “A Friendship Derailed

* Editorial, 2nd place  – “Keep trimming
* Personal Opinion, 2nd place – Kristine DeGuzman

Arts and Entertainment
* A&E Review, 2nd place – Christine Borden’s “The Dude Abides
* A&E Review, 3rd place – Rajesh Srinivasan’s “’808s’ Is an Adventurous, Fearless Listen
* A&E Column, 1st place – Louis Peitzman’s “Sarcastic Patriotism: It’s the New Black
* A&E Column, 3rd place – Robert Bergin’s “The Meal Plan: Veggie Tales

* Sports Story, 3rd place – Ryan Gorcey
* Sports Column, 1st place – Matt Kawahara
* Sports Column, 2nd place – Steven Dunst
* Sports Column, 3rd place – Ryan Gorcey

* News Photo, 1st place – Anna Hiatt
* News Photo, 3rd place – Alex Smith
* Sports Photo, 3rd place – Salgu Wissmath
* Feature Photo, 2nd place – Skyler Reid

* Best Cartoon, 1st place – Gretchen Faust
* Best Cartoon, 2nd place – Leslie Tseng
* Best Cartoon, 3rd place – Eric Wong

* Headline Portfolio, 1st place – Matt Kawahara
* Headline Portfolio, 2nd place – Louis Peitzman
* Headline Portfolio, 3rd place – Stefanie Lee (“In Gods They Thrust,” “‘Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ Portrays Twentysomething Tribulations,” “Bush-Whacking”)

ACP (nationwide)
* Best in Show 4-year Daily Newspaper, 3rd place
* Best in Show Newspaper Web site, 2nd place
* Best in Show Interactive Multimedia Element, 2nd place – Nathan Yan

Note: We will update this post as section editors inform us which particular piece(s) won the award.

Image Source: terren in Virginia under Creative Commons

ajdkfd said:
Mar 10, 2009 at 10:44 am

How nice that your school paper actually posts the award winners, unlike the petty people from my paper