Many of our best memories in SF involve things being pelted at us by strangers, but the flash “mob” tradition may be fading away like the bruises we received from being pummeled by pillows (and the occasional couch cushion) this past V-Day.

San Francisco has a history of zombie invasions, urban iditerods and other forms of spontaneous randomness, but after a feathery sludge was left behind after this year’s pillow brawl—clogging drains, flooding a restaurant, and causing over $30,000 in damages—city officials say that it’s time for mobbers to start taking responsibility for their own down.

It seems that the creamy debris left behind by Thursday’s pie fight might have been the last straw. Officials are now requesting that the organizers of such events apply for a permit, pay a use fee for the space they occupy (about $2,000) and supply security, porta-potties and cleanup crews. We were kinda wondering why SF would allow City Hall Plaza to be plastered with feather residue. Turns out they wouldn’t.

If this means an end to what the Chron calls this “partly anarchistic, partly absurdist” fad, then does that mean we’ll have to go back to doing normal things like hanging out with geriatric stoners on Hippie Hill and participating in Hunky Jesus contests?

Image Source: Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons
S.F. may crack down on ‘flash mob’ antics [Chron]


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