No, this isn't for the Real World auditions.Man, we haven’t seen lines like this since “Star Wars: Episode I” came out. For the spiritually inert and culturally oblivious souls who strolled past the epic queue this morning in a state of bleary-eyed confusion: The Dalai Lama is coming to town. People want tickets for cheap.

Thousands of students snaked around Bancroft Way and Sproul Plaza to secure access to the profoundly anticipated lecture, which is set to take place on Apr. 25 at the Greek Theatre. Probably the coolest thing to take place at the Greek since that Steely Dan show this summer (derisiveness of this comment projected entirely toward Steely Dan and the Greek Theatre, not His Holiness).

Worth camping out over night for, though? Apparently so. Students began camping out around 10 p.m last night, many of them completing their consumer-spiritual quest as late as 5 p.m today.

And if you, in a disastrous priority misplacement, decided to sleep last night or go to class today, don’t fret—tickets go on sale for the general public on Mar. 23.

(Update: See more photos and video here.)

Image Source: Jill Cowan (Previously:/Joe/ /ジョー/ under Creative Commons. )
Thousands Line Up for Dalai Lama Lecture [Daily Cal]

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