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Moghtader: Oh, BTW, I Totes Have Proof I Didn’t Do It

Posted By Christine Borden On Mar 11, 2009 @ 2:00 pm In News | Comments Disabled

Jesus Christ. The ASUC continues to eff itself up the A and eff the student body in the process. This time, Attorney General Michael Sinanian claims that the results of Senator John Moghtader’s recall should be invalidated [1].

Why? Because apparently Moghtader

is now making available to select individuals—after long withholding it for legal reasons—a piece of videotaped evidence that clearly exculpates him from any accusation.

And this mysterious videotape [2] couldn’t have been brought to our attention, oh we don’t know, before the recall happened?! Before the ASUC shelled out tens of thousands of dollars for his ass?

Last month, Moghtader even told the Daily Cal [3]:

“It’s a sad day-SJP and CalSERVE wasted $25,000 trying to squash opposition in the senate.”

If he had this precious video at his disposal, wouldn’t it be fair to say that Moghtader himself wasted a supposed $25,000?*

We’re very confused. We also think this is a truly douche move. Seriously, if this video had been made public before any of this hoopla happened (and if it actually shows what Sinanian says it shows), none of this ado ever would have happened.

So, from the point of view of the student body, our demands are twofold:

1. Make the tape available to the public, pending legality.
2. Uphold the recall results based on the fact that Moghtader failed to act in a responsible manner in regard to his recall election (i.e. acted like a butt knuckle).


Image Source: Chris Chung, Daily Cal
ASUC Attorney General Alleges Recall Based ‘On Lies’ [Daily Cal [1]]
ASUC Attorney General Asks Judicial Council to Invalidate Recall [Notes From the Field [2]]
Earlier: Controversial ASUC Recall Election Begins [3]

* In the same article, Elections Council Chair Emily Liedblad said she expected a cost of less than $20,000.

EDIT, 7:00 p.m.: The Daily Cal has released a summary of the tape [4] that Moghtader showed the paper earlier today.

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