THIS COULD BE YOU!!Despite that none of these Berkeley professors are, like, the Dalai Lama or anything, a panel featuring all of them, moderated by famous Academy Award-winning producer James Schamus, as part of the “On the Same Page” (see what we did there, with the title?) program sounds pretty cool.

That way, when you’re a grown-up and you haven’t done anything particularly interesting with your life besides reproduce, you can tell your grand-kids that back when you were in college, you not only saw an important spiritual world leader, but you also engaged (kind of) in a very important academic discussion with a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (Robert Hass, in case you didn’t see that one coming) and a real, live dude who’s probably met Billy Crystal.

Ahem. Yeah, we’re totally not bitter about the odds of general life success in the humanities.  Don’t even worry about us.  Honestly, we’re going to be just fine …

What: Sociall Engaged Art: A Panel Moderated by James Schamus
Where: Maud Fife Room (315 Wheeler Hall)
When: March 17 (this Tuesday), 4-5:30 p.m. First-come, first-seated.
Cost: Freeeee. (Oh, hellz yeah!)

Image Source: cliff1066 under Creative Commons
Socially Engaged Art [Events Calendar]


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