Cal Day may not be till mid-April but it’s never too soon to start mobilizing a mob. Or maybe that’s just our “inner Berkeley” speaking. Ever since the epic ImprovEverywhere stunt at Grand Central Station, people have been freezing across the globe. Apparently, MORE magazine even had one for the release of its Michelle Obama cover.

In case you missed the pie fight or V-Day pillow war in SF (especially since they might be a thing of the past), here’s your chance to say you were part of a legitimate flash mob. You can even get revenge on those pesky and ubiquitous Sproul flyerers by freezing right as you’re about to accept their invite to some kind of event promising “free food and entertainment.” Or you can just take this opportunity to see if some freezers are willing to defrost when you steal the yogurt in their frozen clutches.

A Facebook group has already formed with nearly 200 members, check it out if freezing sounds cool to you.

Sproul Freeze 2008 [YouTube]
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Not said:
Mar 21, 2009 at 3:26 pm

My God, life must be dull at Berkeley.