Chef extraordinaire Alice Waters may seem a little kooky to some. But judging by this 60 Minutes segment, we’re beginning to believe there may be something of a brilliant economist hiding behind that deceptively dreamy expression and soft-spoken voice.

You can’t deny that the woman has vision. Her insistence that “good food should be a right and not a privilege” is inspiring at best, if perhaps a little unrealistic, considering the economic crisis in which we currently find ourselves. But is it really so impractically quixotic of a desire? The benefits of organic eating are not simply hippie elitist psychobabble; the Berkeley native and founder of Chez Panisse is perhaps very astute to point out that the use of fresh, antibiotic-free produce is particularly important in times like these.

Sound a little familiar? Hearkens back a bit to the idea of victory gardens—a project that Waters indeed executed on the front lawn of San Francisco’s City Hall last September. The event was part of her Slow Food movement, the goal of which is to emphasize sustainability in farming … all in all, not such a bad idea.

Waters also points out the (inherently obvious) perks of disease-free food. We’re assuming this includes the apparent 6 percent of retail pork carrying staph infections that kill thousands of Americans every year. So you’re telling us we have to choose between harvesting fantastic noms and dying from infected meat? Waters’ bandwagon is starting to look pretty comfortable after all.

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StephanieInCA said:
Mar 19, 2009 at 9:41 am

I have nothing against vegetables, organic farming or the Slow Food movement, but holy jeez I want to throttle llice Waters. Trying to push organic gardening as anything other than an indulgence and a luxury is naive at best and insulting at worst.