In case you haven’t heard, the newspaper industry is on the rocks. Yes, it’s teetering—just let your good ol’ San Francisco Chronicle tell you (though be warned, it will probably start begging you for a subscription/spare change afterward).

Times are a changin’, and we’re relyin’ on our young, yet-to-be-disillusioned journalism students to pave the way. Fortunately, students at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism should be in good hands, based on the three remaining candidates vying to head the prestigious J-School.

The applicant pool started at 365. This leads the Clog to assume that the three remaining candidates are all, like, super qualified. They are: Barbara Cochran, president of Radio and Television News Directors Association and Foundation and former Vice President of CBS news, Lincoln Caplan, venture philanthropist (read: baller) and former writer for the New Yorker, and Phil Bennett, former managing editor of the Washington Post. Wow, talk about resumes. The Clog sends its congratulations to the final three.

Image Source: Vicious Bits under Creative Commons
Three in running to head UC Berkeley journalism school [Mercury News]


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