Hey, it’s officially spring break! Go home, cast off your stress woven tethers and embrace your childhood environment with smug condescension.

You have all the right in the world to do so, assuming you value above all else environmental conscientiousness in the form of import vehicle consumption: Hip hip (hooray), Berkeley is hybird capital of California! Before you board your flight, suck in one last breath of our clean, guilt-free air.

According to a recent study by UCLA’s Institute of the Environment, 5.24 percent of registered cars in Berkeley are hybrids—over seven times the statewide number.

Down south, comparably leftist but infinitely swankier locales like Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Malibu surpassed 2.75 percent ownership (amateurs).

The Clog appreciates all of the Birkenstock wearin’, latte sippin’, other-liberal-stereotype sportin’ souls willing to sacrifice their masculinity and the roar of an engine in order to rep the 94707′s environmental stamp.

Image Source: Quasimondo under Creative Commons
Berkeley: Hybrid capital of California [Up To Speed]


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