In the darkest and most chronically disillusioned depths of our souls, we need theatre. What better way to distract oneself from the meaningless drone toward one’s own inevitable and slowly impending demise?

Okay, that was a little heavy. Perhaps Berkeley Repertory Theatre director Tony Taccone says it best:

“It’s a brave new world out there, and we intend to meet it with a collection of brave new plays,” Taccone said in a statement. “In uncertain times, I believe the artistic risks we take at Berkeley Rep become even more relevant and important — so I’m pleased that we can honor our commitment to new work with these fine artists and this daring season.”

The works to which Taccone refers include three world premieres by Lisa Kron, Matthew Sweet, Todd Almond and Naomi Iizuka. Additionally in its 42nd season, Berkeley Rep will also perform the West Coast premiere of a circus-y spectacle featuring Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter. This promising 2009-2010 year is certainly a bright star in the skies of tomorrow—however subjectively foreboding they might be.

Image Source: afsilva under Creative Commons
Three Premieres Announced for Berkeley Rep in 2009-10; Kron, Almond, Sweet, Iizuka Find Home [Playbill]


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