Tomorrow, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. you can show your support for awareness of the effects of  global climate change and your concern about humanity’s dangerous energy-wasting habits by turning off your lights for one … whole … epic … lightless … hour.  Cities around the world–curiously not including self-proclaimed green messiah of a city, Berkeley–have pledged to do the same.

You can sign up here–though, to be honest, we’re not really sure why it’d be necessary.  Wouldn’t that be kind of like showing solidarity for a cause by making yourself contractually obligated to take an hour-long nap?  Then again, “Earth Hour” is  sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, and we’re pretty sure that’s just how pandas roll. (Insert off-topic Panda Express comment here.)

Anyhoodle, just watch the video if you feel like you need more information. While we fully acknowledge that it’s a bit ridiculous and sappy, a little girl switches out a light with a pair of nunchucks at about 2:23. And that’s surely something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Earth Hour 09 video with Flagship Cities- Vote Earth [YouTube]
Earth Hour US [Website]
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