shorts11In these hard economic times you might feel the need to escape to the cinema of the “good old days,” you know, back in the ’30s when things were simpler and people were happier. Oh wait. The Pacific Film Archive brings you a new series “From Riches to Rags: Hollywood and the New Deal.” In case you forgot that we’re in a recession. [Daily Planet]

In other depressing news: The Berkeley City Council just raised parking fines $5 in order to help relieve California’s budget crisis. Fines on game days more than doubled. Why can’t those pesky meter people pick on someone their own speed—like golf cart drivers, or people in wheel chairs? [Daily Planet]

Charging campus groups for bringing controversial speakers to lecture to students? Although we realize this would alleviate some tensions surrounding certain touchy subjects, don’t we kind of have a reputation for free speech here? Anyone? [SF Gate]

For all of you who cynically remarked that turning off your lights for an hour isn’t gonna help save the environment, now you can volunteer for three whole days in SF as part of the Green Apple Festival. And you get a free concert in return. That’s the best kind of charity work. [SF Gate]

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