College kids beware, from the shadowy nether regions of the continent (Missouri, this time) there has emerged an invasive threat of epidemic proportions targeted at YOU. And no, it’s not the lately dreaded gripe porcina. Arguably more terrifying, some clever grad students got a hold of some 8 million e-mail addresses

from students at just about every university in the nation, which they proceeded to spam like crazy. What’s even more impressive is read more »

San Francisco International Film Festival is well under way, but you can still grab some tickets before the fest closes on May 7. Plus, ticket prices aren’t all that expensive considering that, well, ticket prices at your local AMC are already close to $10. Below, we’ve listed some films and events of note, so you might as well enjoy a good flick before finals set in.

Friday, May 1
* Film: “Rudo y Cursi,” 4 p.m., Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, $12.50/general. Stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna of “Y Tu Mama Tambien” fame.

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I can haz bioHAZard?After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

The Bourne Supremacy movie full

The Internet has long been considered the ultimate in information. So when you ask it a question (dot org, no less), and it gives you an answer, you believe it. You believe it absolutely.

This is why we were, uh, somewhat alarmed when we asked it the question on everyone’s mind:

“Do I have swine flu?”

And this was the response we got. Ha, Internet. We get it. Because everyone’s panicking about swine flu and stuff? Oh mans, Internet, that is so incredibly clever and topical and … NOT FUNNY.

Image Source: Totoro! under Creative Commons

My Father the Hero trailer

Do You Have Swine Flu? [Website download Ralphie May: Prime Cut

download Carver ]
Earlier: Epic Ninja Fail

Blood Sisters film


431342061_784ae8c0cdAmong approaching finals, alien invasions and an overblown viral infection, we thought for sure we had enough on our plates.

False. There has apparently been a recent spike in criminal activity as well, judging by the FOUR strong-arm robberies that occurred near UC Berkeley campus on Sunday night. Between the hours of 8 and 11 p.m., a woman who resisted the theft of her purse by a lone assailant was promptly punched in the face; three to four men, one of whom at least pretended to have a handgun, stole some poor guy’s phone; five or six dudes stole another

guy’s wallet; and, finally, one member of a group of four men punched yet another innocent pedestrian in the face and booked it with his phone.

These incidents occurred respectively at Ellsworth and Haste streets, Dwight Way and Telegraph Avenue, Channing Way and Dana Street, and (again) Dwight Way and Telegraph Avenue.

Readers, please be careful! This world is populated by douche bags. Safety is only a phone call away.

Image Source: manual_focus under Creative Commons
My Mom’s New Boyfriend psp Brick trailer Four strong-arm robberies reported near UC Berkeley campus [MercuryNews]


If you haven’t yet perused the Alphonse Berber Gallery on Bancroft Way (you know, the one that replaced that boba place or whatever), now’s the time. While we wouldn’t want to meet anybody with last names like those either, the place is free, a manageable size and conveniently located on the edge of campus. Last night the folks at AB teamed up with some UC Berkeley graduate students to showcase the exhibit “Sex and Sustainability.” Wasn’t exactly what we imagined, but still pretty stimulating Red Rock West trailer . read more »

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the J-School’s oldest nemesis, the nonexistent dean. For those who’ve been following the search for the Graduate School of Journalism’s dean, you’ll remember the three finalists

buy Notorious

from an application pool of nearly as many days as there are in a year (we’re not sure how to count a fourth of a person).

Spoiler alert: All three of the last contenders dropped out. read more »

If you’ve never experienced the joy of a Taschen book, now Pegasus Books

The Shadow Walkers dvdrip

is giving you the chance. The bookstore will continue its 50-75 percent off Taschen sale until May 5.

The “luscious” Taschen books make for great coffee table decor, though that doesn’t mean that they’re not informative (they are! and pretty!). They tend to cover topics like art, film, architecture, history, film, photography, pop culture and fashion–just to name a few.

Here’s hoping that the store has “The Big Penis Book” in stock!

Where: Boogeyman 3 rip Pegasus Books at Shattuck and Durant avenues
When: until May 5
Cost: cheaper than normal

Image Source: RT/Smokes Superman: Doomsday release under Creative Commons
Pegasus Fine Books [Website]
via UCB LJ

Top Secret! download


If you thought Twitter was just an annoying accumulation of Facebook statuses that tells you what muffin your friend ate for lunch, think again. Current mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, announced his “official” bid for governor of California via his Twitter on Tuesday as part of his campaign which will utilize new media. We didn’t know that you could officially declare anything on Twitter, except that you have too much free time. read more »

Bay Area National Dance Week may have officially kicked off last Friday, but you can still boogie on down to free events and classes all the way until May 3 (which is Sunday, in case you didn’t catch that from the title). Here’s a schmattering of the schtuff that’ll be taking place in Berkeley

: read more »

3478685329_5774ee9047Disclaimer: All ye gullible college students, do not take the PSA at right seriously. Or, do. If beer pong doesn’t exacerbate the dreaded herp then we seriously doubt it’s going to spread swine flu.

Which doesn’t mean the potential pandemic shouldn’t be taken at least sort of kind of seriously. Thus far at least 149 people in Mexico have died of suspected swine flu (only 20 confirmed); cases have also sprung up in several states this side of the border, including California; and a few have been reported in various other countries across the globe.

However, according to Dr. Tomas Aragon of UC Berkeley’s Center for Infectious Disease and Emergency Readiness (not the catchiest title, is it?), we have a ways to go before the outbreak reaches pandemic status. And that’s all very well and good, although the Clog has noticed a rather irritating trend in the eruption of freaked-out articles that are currently infesting our interwebs: plenty of hooplah about people dying, but not too much info about the symptoms. The more research we do, the more it sounds suspiciously like the common cold.

Not helpful. If we’re going to keel over of piggy illness at any moment, we’d like to at least know it’s coming.

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Striptease hd

Each Dawn I Die under Creative Commons

Birdman of Alcatraz full

Developments on swine flu worldwide [SFGate]
Ways to go before outbreak becomes a pandemic [SFGate]

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