So what was up with those weirdos on Sproul today with the blue recycling bins? Oh, that’s SQUELCH!–just smile and move along, folks. Earlier today party chair Andy Morris e-mailed us a schedule of events for Upper Sproul Plaza:

4/2/09: SQUELCH! Recyling Day
4/3/09:  Smokeout of Campus Politics (Hookah on Sproul)
4/6/09:  The Infamous Annual Vibrator Races
4/7/09:  Historical Battle Reinactment With Water Balloons (exact battle TBD).  In fact, if the clog would like to encourage readers to vote on what battle we should reinact I would follow their will.
4/8-4/9:  Probably something.   But really, if people didn’t vote on the first day they’re not likely to vote on the second or third.

Let’s see if SQUELCH! will be true to its word. Vote on your favorite war/battle reenactment below.

If you have any other ideas, leave a comment.

Morris also notes that the hookah tomorrow is free for all and not just for the lonely-looking SQUELCH! person puffing away.

Image Source: Eric Hamilton under Creative Commons

J said:
Apr 3, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Isreal supporters vs. Palestinian supporters would be great.

Or even better, SJP vs. John Moghtader! doooo itt.