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2009 ASUC Elections Forum Recap

Posted By Evante Garza-Licudine On Apr 4, 2009 @ 2:40 am In News | Comments Disabled

As most of you probably didn’t know, yesterday the Daily Cal’s 2009 ASUC Elections Forum was held in 20 Barrows from 5 to roughly 7 p.m. In case you missed it and didn’t really want to go either—or even hear about it in any way, shape or form—the Clog will obligingly provide a rough overview of the highlights.

First, we kind of got in a little late, right as Beetle was arguing against something to do with changing that whole “1000 students to sign a recall petition” dealy. After that came up the candidates for Student Advocate to give their 2 minute spiels, followed by those for Executive VP, then Academic Affairs VP, External Affairs VP and finally President.

Things we took out of this:

Snapping gets absurdly annoying incredibly quickly. Always remember what question you were asked. The Senate should spend time finding out from where people come—it should also follow in the steps of the Berkeley City Council and discuss international issues at meetings. Senators are unaffected by 12 hour-long meetings. Even SQUELCH!ers can get nervous on stage.

Town hall meetings are good stuff—too bad none of the candidates proposed [1] nude town hall meetings, pie-eating contests or air-dropping into Waziristan. With all that money spent on Sather Gate, nothing looks different—oh wait [2]. “Business casual” is not wearing a suit, unless a motion is passed to take off your shirt.


“Farcical fucking election.”
“I will fucking sue the ASUC.”
” … overspent too much … ”
“I’m not serving anything.”
“Making these tough decisions is not going to be easy.”
“‘Workers of the world,’ you know, ‘fuck you.’
“I think we should all follow the rules.”
“When you take something like this on, you become a role model.”
“I’m not going to resort to rhetoric.”
“Mobilize the students … against the administration.”
*snap snap snap snap snap*

Buzz words/phrases:

*town hall meetings
*facilitating dialogue
*lack of communication
*personal opinions

Image Source: Victoria Chow [3], Daily Cal

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