So we figured it’d been a while since we gave a little feedback to our devoted readers—after all, it is by no means the posts alone that keep this boat afloat. We would surely sink without fans like adfadsf, whose loyalty to the Clog hearkens back to days of old and who continues to produce gems like the following:

but i’m all for species supremacy. that is, of the cockroach. which will soon evolve into an animal, because cockroaches are just that cool. long live the beloved creature of the night!!!

Cockroaches aren’t yet animals?? We learn something new every day.

Speaking of animals, we’ve enjoyed your reactions to our varying beastly news, especially when it came to wiener semantics Corrosion of Conformity: Live Volume and the details of your darkest dreams.

All in all, though, we have to say that the classiest comment over the last couple weeks was in response to one of a plethora of blogs chronicling the life and times of our fave recalled ASUC senator. In keeping with the gravity of the situation, Brock Keeling offered this subtle and somber phrase:

take off your tops.

Truly, Mr. Keeling, you never fail to amuse.

Image Source: cindy47452 under Creative Commons
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