As if venturing out of Berkeley’s academic bubble and into the real world wasn’t terrifying enough already, graduating seniors are in for an especially limp, possibly sweaty economic handshake these days. And they’re scared. While wwoofing

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is always a good option for the hippie escapist, UC Berkeley offers a range of other suggestions and strategies for seniors who intend to bite the bullet. Here’s what the Career Center has got to offer:

Yes, there has been a 40 percent decrease in recruiter presence this year compared to last, but never fear! The Career Center is working double-time to get those numbers up, and they reassure us that even in the worst of economic climates, UC Berkeley degrees are not totally worthless.

Go for internships, preferably paid ones. These will give you a leg up and likely turn into full time positions once the hiring freezes begin to thaw. There will be plenty of time for schmoozin’ with job recruiters and internship employers next Wednesday, April 22, at the Career Center’s annual “Just In Time” job fair.

And if all of the above fails, you can always ride out the recession with a few years in grad school. If the number of applications to UC Berkeley’s grad schools are any indication, this is a pretty popular route. Just steer clear of journalism Zathura: A Space Adventure hd .

Image Source: hhjack under Creative Commons.
Campus helps graduating students cope with bleak job market [News Center


joes said:
Apr 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm

I graduated last semester and its pretty bad out there. I knew of a few other classmates working for pretty much a bit over min wage. My suggestion, move back with your parents for the time being until you get back on your feet.

Being an adult sucks.

Ashland said:
May 12, 2009 at 4:58 pm

I graduated last year and got a temp job a couple weeks after through a friend. That held me over for 6 months and gave me time to keep looking for something permanent. I looked for about 4 months before I found something and I was unemployed for 2 of the 4. Just got hired full-time in Feb.

It sucks, especially for students who don’t have much work experience. Connections and recommedations are your best bet.

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