The sting of being picked last for kickball can last a lifetime. UC Berkeley professors have pretty good standing in the political kickball arena as it is, and President Obama, a pretty baller team captain if we may say so, just chose another local for the lineup. With Goldman School of Public Policy professor Michael Nacht joining Obama’s administration, our self validation swells and Stanford belittlement grows even easier.

Obama nominated Nacht for the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense, Global Strategic Affairs. Nacht works abreast of some other big names at the public policy school, including Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, economy bigshot Robert Reich. Nacht will join fellow UC Berkeley professors Christina Romer, Steven Chu, and Thomas Kalil, who serve respectively as economic advisor, secretary of energy, and associate director of the Office of Science and Technology, on the all-star adminsitration. Meanwhile, Stanford’s two “special advisors” wave from the bench.

Image Source: News Center

Obama taps Berkeley scholar for high-level job [SF Chronic]


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