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A joint project between UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz is spending around $10 million to build a telescope that will look for alternate Earths (not to be confused with alternate reality Earths).

We know what you’re thinking. This is exactly what we need to win a war against aliens, and it looks like others would agree.

“We told the Navy we would be helping them with their astronomy efforts, and they were very happy about that,” said Geoff Marcy, the UC Berkeley astronomy professor leading the project.

Basically, the plan is to look for planets similar to Earth and then point a giant radio receiver at them. The totally non-speciesist thinking goes that such planets would be more likely to harbor intelligent life that has the required technology to broadcast “I Love Lucy” (or whatever the LGM have in place of TV shows) throughout their world.

So a giant Navy-funded telescope that might find smart extraterrestrial life and could possibly be used to help us win a war we’re not in yet against beings we don’t know exist using weapons we haven’t created. And it all ties in so neatly with Imperial Fleet Week!

Image Source: the mad LOLscientist

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Scientists to Scour the Sky In Search of Another Earth [Daily Cal]


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