Well, well, well, if it isn’t the J-School’s oldest nemesis, the nonexistent dean. For those who’ve been following the search for the Graduate School of Journalism’s dean, you’ll remember the three finalists

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from an application pool of nearly as many days as there are in a year (we’re not sure how to count a fourth of a person).

Spoiler alert: All three of the last contenders dropped out. (Whoops, we probably should’ve put the jump before the spoiler.) That means no baller venture philanthropist, no former Washington Post managing editor, no former veep for CBS News.

So what to do now? The university’s considering looking at some so-called “fourth placers” in the original 365 list, maybe starting a totally new (and almost certainly of the highest speed imaginable) search, or even doing the obvious and hiring from within the current department itself.

At least we can say we eerily foreshadowed the search’s eventual demise with the story of Charlie the Unicorn. Oh, please stop bouncing on us.

Image Source: span Maid of Honor divx under Creative Commons

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