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In the latest news regarding our wonderful bureaucratic leadership, the UC Board of Regents has decided to not meet at all for their next meeting. They will, in fact, hold it via teleconference.

“Psh, those trees are nuts,” you opine. “What’s the big deal, anyhow?” We have two words: ManBirdPig flu. Well, one of those probably isn’t a real word. But we digress: The UC Board of Regents is not meeting at UC San Diego, as they planned earlier, because of ManBirdPig flu concerns.

We suppose that’s the most logical way to keep in line with the idea

that “the outbreaks are a cause for concern, but not panic or undue alarm” as our Exec Vice Chanc and Provost George Breslauer put it.

Sure guys, don’t panic. We’re just, uh, gonna stay far away from you. Not that we’re saying you guys are screwed. Because you’re totally not. Uh … well, this is awkward. Um, go Tritons!

Oh, and as a side note: The regents will vote on a proposed 9.3 percent tuition increase. Yeah, that’s the reason your summer classes are so much more expensive than before.

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Regents to Meet By Teleconference [Daily Cal]


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