In the last week or so, the Clog has witnessed a comment inundation of epic proportions. We’re not entirely sure what prompted this sudden spike in popularity, but hey, we’re not complaining—especially considering the quality of your oh-so-entertaining responses. From ever-clever poop puns to a produce play on words, the feedback never fails to amuse.

Speaking of comedy, did you know the Clog has celebrity readership? True story. We were also blessed with this enlightening factoid about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is apparently a DJ. And even more intriguing was one reader’s warning that, due to our “capitalist, republican and fascist turnaround” in acknowledging Panda Express’ sex appeal, “Obama will not be happy, he may personally punish you. You are supposed to live in the dirt and give the US money to poor countries.”

A thought-provoking statement on a number of different levels—yet it couldn’t begin to measure up to the mind-altering impact of this

little beauty, posted in reply to a post we wrote about a particular Upper Sproul conspiracy theorist … um, a good year and a half ago. On the subject of the guy who claimed Stephen King plotted with Nixon and Reagan to kill John Lennon, KrishnaKris wrote:

I just had an astral travel to the planet Gobfart, and this guy was there, along with some laughing pixies and his van had turned into a pink carousel pigeon, man. Hare Krishna.

Between this and the cosmic revelation that Jupiter is now a sun

, the Clog only has two things to say: WHAT are these drugs you people are on, and WHY oh WHY aren’t you sharing?

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