j-schoolIf J schools have heart strings, then UC Berkeley’s have been pulled, stretched and tangled far past the point of breaking. After having one suitor icily retract her acceptance, and then a year later regathering its pride upon receiving a massive applicant pool, only to have the three front runners bail at the last minute, Berkeley’s Graduate school of Journalism probably exhaled palmward a few times to check for institutional halitosis. After all this, on Thursday they finally settled on Neil Henry, who (ironically?) hadn’t actually applied. Somehow this seems like yet another burn; we’re just not sure to whom.

Still, the school shouldn’t have too much trouble swallowing any residual pride; Henry, who has served as the interim dean since his predecessor’s departure, is most certainly a competent candidate. An award-winning journalist, Henry worked as a Washington Post reporter for 16 years before becoming a Berkeley faculty member in 1993. As interim dean, he collaborated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, raising over $5 million for the school during his time at UC Berkeley. His term will last five years. The Clog sends its congratulations to Professor Henry and the J-School.

Image Source: Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
UC Berkeley names fulltime journalism school dean [SF Chron Mad Dog Time psp

UC Berkeley Names Neil Henry as J-School Dean [Daily Planet Teen Wolf Too film Falling Down download Striptease hd Blood Car trailer Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot ipod ]

Steve Saldivar said:
May 9, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Neil is amazing! The J-School is lucky to have him!

Dumb & Dumber said:
May 10, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Neil Henry (“American Carnival” 2007)needs to face the music, so-to-speak. Technology is not the only factor in changing traditional information media, but a whole slew of actors that need assessment. Previous accredited, but talented writers, are taking away business from the traditional media. It is simply better sourced and argued writs. Also, most people in society read their new from online. Some read The Washington Post, The Daily Cal, or WS Journal online. This means media is still king. It is just in a different medium — with different financial factorials. In history, the USA had two print medium categories, one for the right and one for the left. Today we have the same empirical observance. However, around 1920s – 1990s, News Papers collaborated to give both sides of the political –isle.. This was then seen as traditional. Now we are back to the pre-1920s. Now we have the left (ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS against) the right (Fox News, WSJ, and few other grass roots orgs.) The right-wing has been dominating — meaning only one thing. People in general on both sides want a different perspective and Fox is bringing it with financial success. Fox News consistently beats in these ratings that of ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, WP, NYTimes ). Fox News found a successful medium and it works. It appears the dinosaurs are none other than ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, WP, NYTimes.

Ostrich’s sometimes bury their heads in the sand, and cannot see the trends ( daylight) which is all around them. If the Daily Cal is to make money, it will need to face what it *fears the most — a balanced political editorial board. Simply the methodology of the failing ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, WP, NYTimes ideologues represents submerged heads in the sand and going the way of the dinosaurs.

If you want readership and patronage to increase, you may want to face your *fears.

Kate said:
May 10, 2009 at 10:19 pm

Henry is an awesome, awesome professor and a super nice guy- he will do well. Best of luck to him and the J-School .

DH said:
May 11, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Thank God comment poster Dumb and Dumber has the courage to say what we’re all thinking! Clearly, the problem that the Daily Cal is facing is that its editorial board is too leftist, not the fact that a massive recession has drained advertising funds from its traditional base of local businesses! Nor is it the slow but sure increase in printing costs over the years made doubly worse by the previously mentioned recession that has affected all forms of print media, “conservative” and “liberal” as you might arbitrarily define them! Certainly not! The culprit here is that the Daily Cal is not similar enough to Fox News, a success-story of niche marketing more than anything else which is of a different, largely incomparable medium from the Daily Cal altogether! Thank you, media expert Dumb and Dumber!

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