The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends hd

bookFace!Has this whole University Health Services data security breach thing left you forlorn and stressed? Do you find yourself shaking your fists at the heavens, bitterly cursing the powers that be and wishing there were an outlet where you could more effectively unleash your fury, since merely placing a fraud alert on your credit profile didn’t quite do it for you? Well, look no further than your truest ally, your trustiest of all trusty friends. Look no further than Facebook. People out there feel your pain–and they want you to help them take down the ones responsible. All you have to do is join their group.

*”DEMAND JUSTICE FROM THE ADMINISTRATION” with other members of UC BERKELEY MUST PROTECT MY IDENTITY! Because nothing says “We mean business,” like strategically placed caps lock.

*For those who like their justice a little more tangible, there’s also UC Berkeley Let My SSN Get Stolen–Cancel Finals!

Shockingly, this group has almost 10 times the members of the aforementioned one. Keep it up, folks. You’ve got till Thursday. Maybe if you just believe hard enough and get all 160,000 victims to join … Nothing’s impossible, after all.

So, yeah. Way to be on top of current events, Berkeley Facebook community. We derive great comfort from knowing we can always count on you.

“Lightening Up” is a Clog special devoted to link-stacking … er … finding Facebook groups of interest. And by interest, we mean anything that seems amusing to us at the time. Since there are millions upon millions of Facebook groups which surely must amuse someone, this special will NEVER DIE.

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