Mmm Coookiezzz.
Studyin’, bein’ productive, doin’ some studying … Surfin’ the interwebs, checkin’ Facebook … Now LiveJournal … Hey, is that AnonCon? It’s already back up? Oh em geez, we have to see if anyone’s said anything about us!

No, no, no. We can’t start reading that crap now. We have a final tomorrow at 8 a.m.  Shit, what time is it? Plus, it’s all just people bitching about their lives which are so embarrassing that they have to complain about them anonymously. But guessing who’s writing things is half the fun! The other half, obviously, being that reading other people’s sad confessions and making fun of them with our friends, like, totally validates our own lives. Man, we could really go for a cookie. Or one of those lemon bar things they have at the Den. Damn

Bicentennial Man full

Around the Bend movie

Persuasion release

, those are scrumptious. Then again, we could just read a few posts. Haha, this person drunk-dialed their parents while they were blacked out. That’s hella awks … We mean, if we just browse for really juicy stuff that mentions people by name, it can’t hurt. It’ll take, like, a second, right?

Right! God. So. Hungry. Right. Now. Is the Den still open? Meh, we’ll check in a sec. That rhymes. We’re just going to look at one more thread about being in love with a GSI, then we’ll definitely get back to reading …

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