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Staring down the angular, neon-lit Bear’s Lair Food Court, it is easy to be blinded by the sense of timelessness and unshakable prosperity gleaming from the vendors’ counter tops. In fact, the beloved Taqueria El Tacontento, The Coffee Spot and Healthy Heavenly Foods have been scraping by on month-to-month lease extensions for some three years now. Their fate lies precariously in the hands of the ASUC this week, as negotiations over more long-term lease extensions advance

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The three vendors have expressed outrage over the pace at which these lease extension negotiations have crawled, noting in contrast the publicity and expedience with which the fate of a certain other prospective neighbor

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was handled. However, their tempers were calmed on Tuesday night as the ASUC Store Operations Board finally decided on terms for contractual lease-extension, which will be worked over with the vendors in the coming month.

Some conditions may include increases in investment toward little things like kitchens, eating space, and other things of some importance. Additionally, the ASUC may impose rent increases and a plan to siphon profits for themselves. Naturally, vendors say that such demands will only be feasible given enough lease-extension leeway to achieve them, and thus, the world continues to run as usual.

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Store Operations Board to Consider Food Court Vendors’ Lease Extensions [Daily Cal]
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