Just as you may have been getting over the fact that University Health Services may have kind of accidentally given away your social security number a bit ago, you’ll be pleased to learn that those privacy policies on websites that you haven’t actually been bothering to read all these years might be keeping your data a little less private than you imagined, according to a UC Berkeley study.

As it turns out, all those times sites have told you they wouldn’t be sharing your data with any third parties, they the really just meant “only with our couple hundred closest friends.” Also, in another attempt to keep you from monitoring their shady dealings, it seems companies have been making their privacy policies incomprehensible in the first place, even if you were willing to devote the 200 hours of your life a year that it would take to read them.

To sum up, we are all under the watchful eye of a bunch of website overlords, and there’s not much to be done about it. You may carry on with your relaxing summer now.

Image Source: akanekal under Creative Commons
Privacy study shows many exploit loopholes on web [Bizjournals]

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