biodieselUp alongside “You win some, you lose some,” “No good deed goes unpunished” hovers over the city of Berkeley’s progressive policies these days. You try to keep the Earth clean, and you wind up with starving South East Asians and an ozone worse for wear, city officials have found. Their switch to biodiesel in city trucks and machinery came to a humble end Method movie

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following the realization that overall, biodiesel is a net negative for the environment and agriculture.

The switch was instated four years ago under the assumption that crop-based biodiesel would be gentler on the environment than regular petroleum. However, researchers now realize that while the exhaust itself is cleaner, the process of turning crops into fuel emits more pollution than it’s worth. Furthermore, the policy creates an incentive for farmers to replace edible crops with crops intended for biofuel, thereby limiting food supply and exacerbating world hunger.

Berkeley policy makers considered a number of alternatives, such as returning to fryer-grease biofuel, which they originally switched to six years ago with no unfortunate results. Oh, wait–two truck engines exploded. So, round and round we go.

Image Source: Simon Iddol Blue Streak video under Creative Commons.
Berkeley says bye to biofuel [Berkeley Voice]

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