shorts11Sather Gate was officially unveiled again, or something. We saw a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday involving lots of senior citizens and lots of expensive-looking cheese and wine. Apparently we weren’t old enough for a free sample.

In other campus face lift news: You probably spied the spire reconstruction atop our favorite bell tower, or perhaps you were just annoyed because you couldn’t use the Campanile Plaza pathway anymore. At some point we feel that endless reconstruction and $800 million budget cut should become mutually exclusive. [NewsCenter]

Look out for new bike racks around Hearst Women’s Gym, the Bancroft Parking Structure, Giannini Hall, Wellman Hall, and Mulford Hall. Translation: more bikes to steal. [NewsCenter]

So it’s week five of Session A, which in semester terms, means that you’re just getting out of procrastination mode and starting to crack open the first novel you’re supposed to read, but in summer sessions terms it means finals are in a week. And word to the wise: Library hours kinda suck. [Library Website]

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