In spite of the rep it gets (or that we give it), even good old Oakland delivers a concentrated dose of gentrification here and there. For those wide-open summer days, the Clog humbly suggests an exodus from the Berkeley grid we know and love. Take Telegraph down a ways for some unforgettably dank fried chicken sandwiches and then continue Southward for a free outdoor film screening. After all, the days aren’t getting any longer.

First Stop: Bakesale Betty on the corner of Telegraph and 51st. Lunch hours only (Sunday and Monday 7 to 3, otherwise 7 to 6); you’ll see the line. Get the fried chicken sandwich and an iced lemonade; trust us. You won’t have many other options anyhow, apart from a variety of baked goods.

From there: Look no further than Telegraph and 49th for the second annual Temescal Street Cinema. Locally made films are screened for free every Thursday (through July 16th) around 8:30 p.m at the Bank of the West Building.

Or: Check out Jack London Square on the waterfront for nightly activities, including music, dancing, and other to-be-expected diversions. Oh, and more dusky movies on Thursdays, it seems. Upcoming flicks are “Dead Calm” and “Splash.” Way to be choosy, guys.

Image Source: Stephanie Lang/Courtesy


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