Whether or not you count yourself among Al Gore’s many zealous fans, you may have at some point experienced an instant of staggering skepticism in regards to storing carbon. Perhaps you were casually perusing the produce aisles at your local supermarket, wondering in an absent kind of way whether zucchini casserole truly tickled your fancy, when suddenly it struck you: We’re doing what? Stuffing carbon dioxide underground?

It certainly stinks of avoidance when it comes to the problem of global warming. But if the researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have their way, they’ll be able to ascertain if carbon sequestration is indeed just full of hot air. Instead of read more »

It ain't easy being green ... Ah, finally some external validation for Berkeley’s environmental self-righteousness. Nah, we’re kidding (mostly), but Berkeley is legitimately one of only 15 universities that received a perfect 99 score in the Princeton Review’s second annual “Green Ratings.” According to the Princeton Review people, the ratings were based on schools’ “commitment to promoting environmental sustainability, academic preparation for green jobs and support for green building projects.” And probably also being the former headquarters of the Secretary of Energy.

Green with envy yet, Harvard? Oh wait, they made the list, too. Well, whatevs, we takes what we can gets.

Image Source: Lost Albatross under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Recognized on List of Top 15 ‘Green’ Universities [Daily Cal]
Green Colleges [Princeton Review]

Have you found yourself in need of Shakespearean-era clothing? Or perhaps other costumes?
Well, sir or madam, on this fortuitous occasion, you may be able to obtain just that.

The California Shakespeare Theater is having a sale next week in which they are selling 35 years’ worth of costumes, wigs and accessories at their West Berkeley rehearsal hall.

The sale begins next Thursday, Aug. 6 and lasts through Sunday, Aug. 9 at 701 Heinz Ave. in Berkeley (near the intersection of Ashby and San Pablo avenues). read more »

how berkeley can you be

In a fun-killing move of Palo Alto proportions, the yearly “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade has been canceled. No doubt, a terrible gloom will hang over the alcohol and nudity free length of University Avenue this summer. This sad news follows a Fire and Police Department declaration that an extra $8,000 would be necessary to maintain safe levels of Berkeleyness at the event. Surely, a resounding cry of “lame” echoed from the heavens following this demand.

The parade read more »

dog walking

We can’t help but smirk smile with disbelief delight as we report to you your third opportunity this year (so far!) to bring your canine companion to Golden Gate Fields in Albany for only a small fee. Well, we suppose that $25 (in advance) or $30 (at the door) is nothing to bark at these days. However, it is … for a cause. The Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society wants you to remember that homelessness of the human variety is not the only sort our fair city has to contend with. Combat homeless dogginess and have some fun! Here’s what you’re in for:

The 12th annual Bay to Barkers Walk and Festival read more »

Hi there hypochondriacs, we know it’s been hard for you to catch a break lately, but that may be about to change.

Apparently the CellScope, a cell-phone mounted microscope, might some day allow you to obtain diagnoses without even leaving the comfort of your living room. read more »

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Heads up Chu fans! Your favorite Energy Secretary appeared last week on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The lovable former Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director presented Stewart with a gift, called him a nerd and remained coy about any superpowers of which he may or may not be possessed.

In addition, Chu (or his intern’s intern’s intern … whatever) has posted pictures of some cool new minature models to his Flickr, we’re assuming they have something to do with energy efficiency or something.

Earlier: Steven Chu Wants You
Image Source: rebuildingdemocracy under Creative Commons
Steven Chu [The Daily Show]
Department of Energy’s Photostream [Flickr]

potOakland has always been a leader in the fight for cannabis legalization. Back in 2007, it became the home of the nation’s first cannabis college and as of Tuesday, will become the first city in the nation to have a business-tax category for cannabis operations.

The new measure places a 1.8 percent tax on the four licensed medical pot dispensaries in Oakland. Many club owners see this as a step toward legitimization of the pot industry, and California sees it as a way of getting some extra moolah. Marijuana is California’s biggest cash crop after all. read more »

Yoo all know all about John Yoo, so this clip of a couple of wily Aussie comedians playing a wittle twick on him during a lecture at Chapman University probably doesn’t need much explanation. Have a look for yoo-rself (yeah, we know that was a stretch) and revel in the awkward. Enjoy!

Chasers War on Everything – Torture John Yoo [YouTube]

Nom nom nom. Over the past couple of days, we noticed a crop of port-a-potties that sprouted at various points along Telegraph Ave. and wondered why they were there. Were they an attempt to use reverse psychology on the trademark Telegraph piss smell? Or were they simply harbingers of some upcoming, traffic-blocking, semi-pointless-but-still-kinda-cool Berkeley event? The suspense was killing us.

This morning, we got our answer as the day dawned, bright and clear, on the first of three LastSundaysFests that will take place this summer. The two remaining aptly named LastSundaysFests are scheduled for Aug. 30 and Sept. 27–days which astute calendar interpreters will recognize as, well, the last Sundays of their respective months.

As far as we could tell, the event is basically like a summer version of the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, plus a bounce house and minus a Santa. So, you know. It all sort of balances out, we suppose.

LastSundaysFest on Telegraph [Website]

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