urban outfittersComing to our cultural rescue, as always. We can count on you, UO, to smooth the rough edges off of what might have once been labeled “alternative” and serve it to us, nice and convenient, on one pricey platter. Now, they’re taking their crash course in what’s cool and new in the world of indie pop culture to the web with a brand new blog! Stay tuned for daily updates on fashion and the ultra-hip happenings in cities where you probably don’t live. For example,

We should:

- DIY or Die (in New York).
- Emulate the cleverness of a super cool cat named Tobias Frenzel who outfitted his small apartment in a presumably trendy neighborhood with a door that converts into a ping pong table.
- Check out Frenz, an art show at the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery (in Philadelphia).
- Witness the premier of the Dumb Skateboards’ new music video, Too Dumb to Quit this Friday (in Milan, Italy).
- Visit other super rad blogs, like Gnarlitude, Magic Molly, and I’ll Wear Any Color As Long As It’s Black.
- Buy Urban Outfitters’ nifty and/or kitsch merchandise.

Awesome. We’ll send our praise in a way that makes it impossible to tell if we’re serious or ironic (we don’t even know anymore).

Image Source: <<graham>> under Creative Commons

Christine Borden said:
Jul 13, 2009 at 12:04 am

I thought the blog has been up since 2007?