building erection

They grow up so fast. For those of you who may have zoned out, for the past three and a half years our little city has been planning to densify Downtown, growing tall buildings where there were no tall buildings before. And, in spite of many a frail attempt to oppose change, as of last Tuesday it looks like the familiar center region between Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oxford Street, Dwight Way and Hearst Avenue will indeed be going vertical-wise over the next twenty years. And that may not be the least of it.

After securing the erection of two 100-foot buildings, four 120-footers, and a few as tall as 180 to 220 feet Downtown, Mayor Tom Bates and UC Berkeley seem to have set their sights West. The aim of the “West Berkeley Flexibility” project is to house big high-tech businesses generated by breakthroughs from our friends at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in West Berkeley. However, the artists and craft workers who currently dominate the neighborhood are not down.

Looks like yet another David vs. Goliath, or rather Legit Employment vs. Local Charm. Nobody said adolescence was easy, not even for cities.

Image Source: Amarand Agasi under Creative Commons.
City Council Passes Downtown Area Plan Despite Misgivings [Daily Cal]
West Berkeley Zoning Struggle Heats Up as Deadline Nears [Daily Planet]

Amarand Agasi said:
Jul 29, 2009 at 9:35 am

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