totoro For those of you not already aware, the renowned, reclusive and recollective Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki made a brief appearance on UC Berkeley campus this evening.

The director accepted the Berkeley Japan Prize, presented by the Center For Japanese Studies, for his filmmaking and general badassery. In addition, Miyazaki did a Q&A this evening at Zellerbach Hall, for which a few of us at the Clog were lucky enough to be in attendance.

In case you may have missed it, we’ve collected a few of our impressions of the evening.

  • Hayao Miyazaki is ridiculously dignified
  • Several small children came along, Totoro plushies in tow. They were adorable.
  • “We have to make Totoro so no one can figure out whether he’s really smart or really stupid”
  • The moderator noted Miyazaki’s “apocalyptic tendencies”
  • It’s very disconcerting to hear people laugh at something being said in Japanese before it is translated into English.
  • We’re not really sure if anything is lost when a question is first announced in English, translated into Japanese, and then translated back to English.
  • Miyazaki says he smells blood in his nose when he thinks really hard.
  • After every film he makes, Miyazaki swears he will never make another one. Kind of like us and puns.

For full coverage of the event and the awards ceremony, refer to next Thursday’s arts section in the Daily Californian. There is also a post about the event on the arts blog.

Image Source: [email protected]* under Creative Commons
July Preview: All Things Miyazaki [Arts Blog]
Hayao Miyazaki [Center for Japanese Studies]
Miyazaki Talks Animation, Culture and Natural Disasters at Zellerbach Hall [Arts Blog]

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