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Have you ever been in an English lecture and thought to yourself, “I wonder what this professor dude/lady’s favorite poem is, since they’re so smart and knowledgeable about literature and stuff.” Oh, you haven’t? Well too bad, because that’s what you’ll find out at this Thursday’s Lunch Poems kick-off, starring emcee Robert Hass and featuring some of the English Department’s freshest and most distinguished faces reading their favorite poems. read more »

21252022_8fdda98341If you know Cal Basketball, you at the very least have heard of Pete Newell. After all, there’s only a court at Harmon Gym dedicated in his honor. Which is why we’re bursting with pride to inform you that Newell is among 11 who will be inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame this September.

Newell’s impressive legacy—in addition to his successful coaching careers at Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and Michigan State—includes leading the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team to gold in 1960. Oscar Robertson, one of the other FIBA inductees announced today, was the co-captain of said team.

The award will be, unfortunately, bestowed on Newell posthumously, as the legend passed away in November 2008.

Image Source: Stitch under Creative Commons
Robertson, Newell and Yow all are headed to FIBA Hall of Fame []

diversity Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced last week that next year UC Berkeley will be admitting even more international and out-of-state students—because they need the cash.

The move shouldn’t be terribly surprising, given that in-state students pay about $9,750 per year in fees compared to $32,400 for out-of-state students. read more »

We don’t think you’re ready for this Bolly.

But you’d best be preparing thyselves. Dance team Ishaara may not have advanced to the next round of the NBC series, but they’re still winners as far as we (and the rest of the country) are concerned—and, thank our lucky stars, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Dance Team Gains National Recognition [YouTube]
Dance Team Gains National Recognition [DailyCal]

shorts11-235x300Just in case we didn’t slather on the emphasis quite heavily enough. [Daily Cal]

In other awesome performance news, the Individual World Poetry Slam 2009 looms ever nearer on the horizon. We’d insert some sweet flow here, but it’s a little too early in the a.m. to be embarrassing ourselves. [InBerkeley]

Something completely unrelated to music: UC Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Hearst Museum wants to return a collection of Japanese remains from World War II to their country of origin. Only problem is, the bones might not be Japanese. Minor detail, right? [SFGate]

You know that fire? The one blazing away just a jaunt and a half to the south? Turns out Mt. Wilson, home to an observatory where UC Berkeley and other schools are invested in “multimillion-dollar astronomy projects,” is in significant danger of going up in flames. Not that this is more important than people’s lives, or anything. Our narcissism (read: douchebaggery) isn’t quite that advanced. [LA Times]

Earlier: Internet Beats Paper, Again

Narcissism should be bigger.… and ironic? According to a poll conducted by San Diego State University and something called “Youth Pulse LLC,” students are aware that their reasons for social networking are pretty much entirely self-centered.

So, let us get this straight. We know that no one else gives a flying f*ck what we drank last night and we still post it up all over the place for all the world to see?

Yeah, we guess that sounds about right, even if the poll doesn’t exactly reek of scientific significance. But does our self-awareness justify our obnoxious attention whoreishness? We say nay. Hey that rhymes! Ohmigod, we’re so clever. We totes have to go tweet this right now.

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Students Say Social Networking Is All About Themselves [Paper Trail]


Forgive us our hyperbole—but as we’ve already expressed, it’s difficult to resist amping up the excitement factor on what otherwise might appear to be a comparatively boring affair. Sure, the title “Google Books Settlement and the Future of Information Access” might convey extreme tedium, but the conference’s true agenda is in fact positively blood-tingling … that is, if you’re a giant geek, and let’s face it: You know you are.

One of the main foci for Friday’s conference was read more »

Seen those polling stations around campus? If it isn’t blindingly obvious by the signs, they’re set up by some dissatisfied unions who apparently don’t have a whole lot of confidence in UC prez Mark Yudof—or at least want to know how many voters … well, ballot droppers? … will write it down on a slip of paper.

Of course, the physical voting at these stations isn’t as limited by time as, say, other events that call for voting. That way they’re sure to get all those papers in and not at all multiple votes from the same person coming in with a fake glasses/nose/moustache getup.

Naturally, we were curious as to what Yudof Tweeted—if anything—about this whole confidence dealie. His latest five Tweets as of this posting: read more »


Nothing like ushering in the school year with a blistering heat wave capable of boiling off all of the the lovely stress-free memories you’ve accumulated this summer. In the spirit of that, we’ve got one last to-do for you, 100 percent carefree. BART, bus, bike or otherwise transport yourself down to Jack London Square in Oakland this weekend for the second annual EatReal Festival. Cheap! Food! Entertainment! read more »


Turns out some of our harmless campus crazies are not so harmless after all. Earlier this week, the suspect in an 18-year-old kidnapping case showed up on campus, trying to leaflet about “Schizophenia and God’s Will.”

The man, Phillip Garrido, was stopped and questioned by police, who found that he was a parolee and decided to look into the matter further. And around then was when the plot thickened.

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