Yoo can always tell a new school year is nigh when the hordes of protesters start accumulating in the general area of campus. Like the swallows of Capistrano, who return to their nests each year with freakish regularity, activist organizations converge on our fair campus to wave signs and yell about shit. Berkeley protesters are also like swallows in that they seem to frequently land in trees.

Marking the 2009-2010 academic year’s official protesting start were the 50 or so protesters who were present to rage against John Yoo’s first day back on the Berkeley job. Naturally, all the coolest of cool Berkeley organizations that no one is sick of–like Code Pink and World Can’t Wait–were there, doing what they do.

And, of course, it ain’t a party until someone gets arrested. Four protesters who followed Yoo into his lecture were escorted out by UCPD. Ah. Isn’t it nice to be back?

THE POLICE: Montreal, 1983, Every Breath You Take [YouTube]
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