car fireThe UC budget crisis has been a hot topic for a while now, but the debate got a whole lot hotter Thursday morning when a car blew up in front of UC President Mark Yudof’s home. Naturally police assumed it was probably not a coincidence, considering Yudof can’t seem to leave his home these days without his posse of protesters.

After he and his wife were pushed by a mob of unhappy budget victims on their way into the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center recently, Yudof has rarely been seen without a police escort. And after Thursday’s latest attack, we’re guessing he’s already installed security cameras or a pit bull or something in front of his house.

We feel kinda bad that Yudof has become the scapegoat for the budget decisions of the entire UC system in a time of global economic crisis, but then we remember he makes $800,000 a year. A few shoves and a car bomb are nothing compared to what Obama or Brangelina probably endure from the stalkerazzi. Good luck, Markie.

Image Source: sheeshoo under Creative Commons
A Call for Civility in UC Protests [SF Gate]


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