Wait, saywhat? It looks like there won’t be any strikes for a while now … hopefully. In an about-face of baffling proportions, the one union, ATU, Local 1555, preventing the previous round of contract negotiations from finishing decided to OK the new contract. Why the change now?

Maybe it’s a brilliant ploy to get a better contra—oh wait, no. Truly confounding.

“The union, which represents about 900 people, rejected a similar contract offer about two weeks ago and threatened to strike.”

How similar? Apparently not similar enough, or so one would expect. But the entire process isn’t complete yet—it still has to be voted on by the BART Board of Directors.  We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on this one. More news at 11*.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
BART Union OKs New Contract [Sacramento Business Journal]
Amalgamated Transit Union Approves Tentative BART Contract, Finally [SFist]
*Not really 11, that’s just a phrase.


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