With an increase in UC tuition and a global recession on our hands, it’s probably more important than ever to find a job. Business owners in Berkeley have some encouraging words for you: good luck.

With students cutting back on superfluous spending and employers cutting back on hiring, there’s more competition for the dwindling number of jobs available to students. The unemployment rate in Berkeley has jumped from 7.4 percent last December to 11.9 percent in July, just under the current national average.

And a sad economy equals sad students (which means Le Petit will probably be the only business to see an increase in revenue). On the bright side, not having a job will leave you lots of time to protest the tuition hike by following Mark Yudof around or vandalizing his property or whatnot.

Image Source: extremeezine under Creative Commons
Local Businesses See Decrease in Hiring [Daily Cal]


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