Seen those polling stations around campus? If it isn’t blindingly obvious by the signs, they’re set up by some dissatisfied unions who apparently don’t have a whole lot of confidence in UC prez Mark Yudof—or at least want to know how many voters … well, ballot droppers? … will write it down on a slip of paper.

Of course, the physical voting at these stations isn’t as limited by time as, say, other events that call for voting. That way they’re sure to get all those papers in and not at all multiple votes from the same person coming in with a fake glasses/nose/moustache getup.

Naturally, we were curious as to what Yudof Tweeted—if anything—about this whole confidence dealie. His latest five Tweets as of this posting:

*Received royalty statement from UC Press for my 1980s book: $3.11. Need to encourage more relatives to buy copies
*Greatly saddened by passing of Sen. Kennedy. Talented legislator w bipartisan skills. Met him once & saw JKF at a campaign stop in 1960.
*Bats have language + romantic inclinations…I knew that from Twilight & True Blood. Bela Lugosi would be pleased:
*Thinking about ways to prepare UC for a great future, despite the budget. We’ve got top minds on UC Commission for the Future meeting soon.
*Excellent piece in Chron of Higher Ed. puts UC’s predicament in regional perspective. Regent Russell Gould quoted:

Welp, looks like nothing so far from the head honcho. But there are still a few more days while the voting continues.

Image Source: Nick Fradkin, Daily Cal
Unions Voice Dissent Against Yudof [Daily Cal]


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