Just when you’d started to ease yourself into a nice, gradual build toward something resembling a respectable panic attack—e.g., Holyhellit’salreadyWeekSix???—the Man had to go and dump another helping on your plate.

We definitely hope you’re hungry, because next semester’s courses are indeed ripe and ready for the pickin’. It’s true, folks: Your first phase of registration is mere weeks away, and the clock is surely a-tickin’.

… Heh. We didn’t even intend for that to rhyme.

Image Source: justinbaeder under Creative Commons
Online Schedule of Classes [UC Berkeley]


Make sure you’re holding on to your figurative hat, because Berkeley admissions is about to go all high-tech crazy on your ass.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is cooking up a new website called Picture Yourself at Berkeley, which allows prospective students (both freshmen and transfer) to sign up for personalized UC Berkeley web pages. Think of it as a sort of BerkeleyMyFaceSpaceBook. (That’s got quite a ring to it.)

If interested, students take a quick survey—major interest, ethnicity, athletic preferences (presumably followed by superpowers, read more »

It won't actually look anything like this.

Heads up, Bay Areaites. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a tsunami advisory has been issued for our little stretch of coast due to a magnitude 8.3 earthquake that hit American Samoa a few hours ago.

If it hits, it’s expected to around 9:30 p.m. Though it won’t be anything like the Photoshopped picture at left, officials are saying to avoid the coast for a few hours.

The tsunami’s expected height is 20 to 65 cm above normal water levels.

Image Source: t.j.blackwell under Creative Commons
Tsunami advisory issued for Bay Area [SF Chron]

Every year, Homecoming leaves us with a taste of … disappointment … in our mouths, whether it be from football flops, midterm season or something else. But you can at least always count on a variety of campus events every Homecoming week to sweeten that taste (which is kind of like sour apples) just a little bit. So with that in mind, read below the jump for a somewhat-officialistical schedule of Homecoming to-do’s. read more »


It will be an alliance that no one will soon forget.

No, that isn’t the tagline to the newest hamster-related action comedy. In point of fact, UC Berkeley will soon be joining with the University of Incheon in South Korea to “explore the potential for joint scientific research in energy, biology, accelerators, cosmology, and space.”

The agreement, signed Wednesday (at 10:30 a.m. local time in the Republic of Korea, in case you were wondering) investigates possible collaborations between UC Berkeley and its South Korean counterpart. Apparently Incheon will be the rendezvous point read more »


Hey guys, just in case you didn’t get enough, what with our two liveblogs of the teach-in, and obsessive coverage of the walkout, we have more!

If you weren’t ready to take our word for it, video of the entire teach-in is now available on YouTube.

We also learned that we’re not the only ones writing about the walkout. The United Kingdom-based Guardian even sent a reporter into the “sweltering California heat.” The Associated Press was also on site, apparently.

Image Source: anselm23 under Creative Commons
Save the University: A teach-in on the crisis [YouTube]
University of California campuses erupt into protest [Guardian]
U. of California Cuts Protested at Campus Rallies [NY Times]

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Well, you know times are tough when people are going all “stoic and zombie-like” and (possibly) trying to off themselves by jumping into bear pits. With real bears, a.k.a. godless killing machines and the number one threat to America.

That’s what happened on Sunday when a “transient” named Kenneth Herron somehow wrangled his way into the “grizzly bear grotto” (no joke) at the San Francisco Zoo. There’s a video of the thing, but we couldn’t figure out how to embed it. Alas. In any case, it’s pretty funny. In a mildly confusing kind of way.

Man Climbs Into Bear Enclosure at SF Zoo [SFist]
Stephen Colbert vs. Laser Bears [YouTube]
Earlier: Plastic Vortex

Look no further. Multi-media artist Bill Viola is slated to grace the Berkeley campus today and tomorrow. His globally exhibited body of work has been known to take the form of architecture, sound environments, electronic music performances, flat panels and television broadcast.

Move over, Man Ray.

Like most MacArthur Foundation Fellowship-winning, honorary doctorate-holding pioneers of contemporary art, Bill Viola spent most of the 70s performing with avant-garde composer David Tudor in his Rainforest ensemble and traveling in the Sahara.

He’s created works inspired by Hindu firewalkers, frescos and read more »

lovefestIt’s a parade! It’s America’s biggest dance music event! It’s LoveFest! Or rather, was. Due to an unfortunate trademark dispute by “The Love Festival” in LA, the hot mess that is LoveFest has had to evolve.

LoveEvolution, as it is now so cleverly called, is the same ol’ fest, only now it’ll cost you 10 bucks to get in. Apparenty money can buy you love.

Love Week starts Wednesday, Sept. 30th with nightly parties and culminates in the parade down Market and music/dance/costume/drug/love extravaganza at Civic Center on Saturday, Oct. 3.

And P.S. : leave the booze at home, lovers. Security’s gonna be tight this year.

Image Source: catbagan under Creative Commons
San Francisco LoveEvolution [Site]

114 probably doesn't look anything like this.

Last Thursday, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab announced it confirmed the artificial creation of element 114, which was first synthesized nearly a decade ago by Russian scientists.

But if Berkeley scientists weren’t the first to make it, why is it so exciting? Because of the read more »

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