We at UC Berkeley are collectively thrilled about the capture of Phillip Garrido last week. And it’s fantastic that our campus played a role in setting Jaycee Dugard free to her family; that obviously goes without saying.

Although it apparently isn’t as obvious as we’d think, considering university officials are spreading the word as far and wide as … Iran?

Recall, if you will, the three Americans who were detained after (apparently inadvertently) crossing over into Iran while hiking in Kurdish Iraq. Since the July 31 arrest, there has been virtually no indication on the part of the Iranian government as to whether or not they’ll be releasing Sarah Shourd, Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer, all three of whom are definitely still in custody.

We can only hope that, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has failed, Robert Birgeneau will miraculously succeed, as the Chancellor has now pledged the university’s support to Clinton in bringing the hikers home. And in a leap of logic that’s left us sort of scratching our heads, Vice Chancellor Claire Holmes drew an interesting parallel between this particular predicament and that of Jaycee Dugard, stating that “an amazing reunification of a family occurred at UC Berkeley” and that “we are hoping that the spirit of reunification of family will extend to these three families.”

Well … still not too sure how the two are related. Nevertheless, the Clog also sends its sincere well wishes to Shourd, Fattal and Bauer, and hopes that they all return home safely.

Image Source: David Herschorn [Daily Cal]
UC Berkeley asks Iran to free captures hikers [SFGate]


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