Rejoice, people who drive! In a move that’s somewhat reminiscent of various used-car commercials (OK, not that last NSFW one), the campus is passing savings onto you, loyal commuting student/faculty or staff member who has a parking pass!

As of yesterday, parking pass prices pare past 8 percent! What does that mean per month? Well, “F” type permit holders will now pay $90 instead of $97, for instance. You could buy a slice and a half of Zachary’s with that.

But wait! There’s more! Now those shiny, stylish bus passes you get on your Cal1 card cost $34 instead of $80 a month. “But Clog,” you whine, “don’t we get those passes for free?” Not really, it’s kind of included in various fees you(r parents) owe the university. So will much change for you, the average student? Probably not.

Image Source: esteban under Creative Commons
Starting today, it costs less to park at Berkeley [NewsCenter]
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